The Divine Word Foundation was established by Dr. Hans von Koerber and Fred Bunger who met in 1953, drawn together by a passion for the teachings of the New Revelation. The Foundation was originally incorporated as a non-profit in the state of California in 1962 and is governed by a volunteer board of directors. The primary purpose of the Foundation is to publish the translated works of the New Revelation, and to support the translating which it has faithfully done for the past 60 years.


From the outset Dr. von Koerber, together with his wife Hildegard, were the chief translators and editors for the Foundation. With the assistance of other translators from around the world, the foundation published hundreds of handouts, pamphlets, booklets, and books in the ensuing decades. You can find a list of currently available literature here.


Dr and Mrs von Koerber 1971


After the passing of Dr von Koerber in 1979, Hildegard von Koerber continued to carry on the work of the Foundation until her death in 1988. Shortly thereafter, Ed and Jewell Spitzer, along with others, carried the Foundation forward over the next 30+ years, continuing the work of translating and publishing. In 2021, Ed expressed his desire to step down as President. The board approved his resignation and Dave Brown was appointed President. Ed remains on the board as Vice President and Jewel retired from the Board as secretary in 2021. Jewell passed away in May 2022.


Now, since the vast majority of the New Revelation works have been translated from German to English, the Foundation is focused on outreach and the promotion of the New Revelation works, with a renewed emphasis on cooperating with others around the world who are dedicated to spreading the New Revelation teachings.

Current Board of Directors:

President: Dave Brown

Vice President: Ed Spitzer

Secretary: Janice Berndt