Gottfried Mayerhofer

1807 – 1877


Works of  Mayerhofer

  • Secrets of Life
  • Secrets of Creation
  • The Lord’s Sermons


Gottfried Mayerhofer was born in Munich in 1807, the descendant of a notable German family. When Prince Otto of Bavaria became King of Greece, Mayerhofer went with him as an officer of the Greek royal service. In 1837 he married the daughter of a wholesale merchant and they moved from Athens to Trieste when her father’s business relocated. He dedicated himself to his favorite studies– music and painting, and in the course of time, he became interested in religious and spiritual matters. In Trieste, he encountered the writings of the New Revelation and his inclination to the religious and spiritual was richly nourished by reading the works of Jakob Lorber.


Mayerhofer soon attained the state of spiritual awakening. In March, 1870 he heard within him for the first time the voice of the Lord. He served this Voice for seven years as a faithful “scribe”, until his death in 1877. The way in which the Inner Word came to Mayerhofer is remarkable. Early in the morning, before he felt within him the urge to write, the subjects to be dealt with appeared before his spiritual eyes in pictures of magnificent clarity. When he then put down in writing what he had seen, unfortunately the clarity of the vision faded considerably. This may be one of the causes leading to the imperfections in the style of Mayerhofer’s writings.


In a letter to a friend Mayerhofer writes: “I am always quite passive when I receive these communications, usually do not even know what it is all about. I am usually seized by an inexplicable unrest, have to sit down at the desk and only when I take up the pencil do I learn what the Lord wants, and even then I know neither beginning nor sequel or end, not even one word earlier than the next. Thus, for instance, It [His word] tells me: ‘Take the Gospel of John, chapter 3, verse 7!’ I, who am not a bit versed in the Bible, do not know anything about the contents of this chapter or verse, look it up, sit down, and write dictations, having no will of my own, not knowing why and wherefore, just so, and in no other way.”


These explanations by Mayerhofer show that what he writes down is true inspiration and not just products of his own imagination. This is also supported externally by Mayerhofer’s original manuscript, which was written extremely fast and flowingly and which contains very few corrections by his hand.


Through his efforts several works originated, in which many revelations relating to creation, life, the road to salvation, communication with the spiritual world, and many other fundamental questions of life were presented. The best known books offered to humanity through Gottfried Mayerhofer and the New Revelation of Jesus Christ are The Lord’s Sermons, Secrets of Creation, and Secrets of Life. The Lord’s Sermons presents deep moral lessons and teachings concerning the Lord’s First and Second Coming. The two books, Secrets of Creation and Secrets of Life, form a comprehensive system of spiritual revelations which explain the most important aspects of human and natural existence. In Mayerhofer’s works can also be found accurate references to later scientific discoveries. That is why Mayerhofer’s works are considered, next to Lorber’s The New Revelation of Jesus Christ, the greatest spiritual food intended to prepare humanity for the Lord’s Second Coming.


 Excerpt from Gottfried Mayerhofer’s Secrets of Creation (revelation received January 22, 1872):

“This revelation is not only for the small circle of readers who now know these writings, but for the whole of humanity as the future system of religion based solely on My own statements during My walk on Earth, in order to lead back the cults and the whole doctrinal edifice of religion to what I once gave to My apostles, simple men of the people; for you can well imagine that I did not descend to your earth without a reason to give you the example of greatest humiliation and sacrifice”.