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The Household of God (3 volumes) This work reveals in powerful prophetic language a vast picture of the divine world plan, the history of creation and the prehistory of mankind from the creation of Adam to the Flood. It gives man what science has not been able to offer and what religion gives only to a few. It explains so clearly the nature of love, the role it plays in human life and where it will eventually lead all creation.   Vol. 1 / Vol. 2 / Vol. 3



The Childhood of Jesus  This work is the Gospel of James re-received through Jakob Lorber presenting a comprehensive, wonderful description of the birth and childhood of Jesus of such intimate, uplifting beauty and power that no heart can fail to recognize the divine origin and the truth of this precious scripture. We experience the first work and manifestation of the Spirit of God in the infant as well as unexpected insights into the holy mystery of the person of Jesus.

The Three Days-Scene in The Temple  In the Bible we read in the gospel of Luke about the twelve-year-old Jesus in the temple in Jerusalem. This book describes in detail what happened in the three days when Jesus astonished and distressed the Pharisees and scribes with his wise speeches… “I say to you: This scene was foreseen by Me from eternity …My name is Jesus Emanuel, and My Spirit is Jehovah Zebaoth.”

The Great Gospel of John (10 volumes) (11th volume by Leopold Engel) In this great and glorious work of revelation we receive, according to the promise of John 14. 26, an accurate, in-depth and thoughtful description of all that Jesus did and spoke in the three years of His earthly teaching. The love and grace of the Heavenly Father has here revealed infinitely great things to men for their enlightenment and salvation.   Vol. 1 / Vol. 2 / Vol. 3Vol. 4 / Vol. 5Vol. 6 / Vol. 7 / Vol. 8 / Vol. 9 / Vol. 10 / Vol. 11

Correspondence Between Jesus and King Abgarus of Edessa  Reproduction of the only real documented correspondence of Jesus during his incarnation on Earth. King Abgarus and Jesus exchanged seven letters which are provided here in full.  



Bishop Martin (Sunsets into Sunrises) Paths of development of a bishop secluded in human imperfection in the beyond until his spiritual completion. This is a most reassuring work showing God as a loving Father with infinite patience and forbearance towards souls of good will who honestly strive for perfection and growing in their love for God and their fellow beings. It is also a serious warning to those who scorn and stubbornly oppose divine order.

From Hell to Heaven (Robert Blum) (2 volumes) Experiences and adventures of the German revolutionary Robert Blum in the afterlife, who was executed in Vienna in 1848. This work gives a very lively, multifaceted enlightened picture of the further development of this political personality in the beyond and his path to becoming a child of God.   Vol. 1 / Vol. 2

Beyond the Threshold (Deathbed Scenes) Scenes in the afterlife of eleven different individuals and what they experienced.

The Spiritual Sun (2 volumes, approx. 500 pages each) This great work gives insight into the depiction of the spiritual paths of development and guidance of souls in the beyond. In ever-increasing pictures and scenes, which at the same time form a unique school of correspondence theory, we also receive insights into the secrets of the creation of nature from the earth to the central suns. In addition to this, we can see the great connections between the visible worlds of the universe and the invisible ones of the spiritual universe. A highly significant work for advanced students.   Vol. 1 / Vol. 2



Saturn  Rich in the beauty of its images, Saturn is more than a mere descriptive picture of life on another world. It also contains a portrait of the ideal spiritual society, along with Lorber’s directives on how we may achieve the same closeness to the Divine in our own lives.

The Earth  Important main work on the spiritual explanation of the world, which also presents all world bodies as living cosmic entities full of energy and life. Comprehensive depiction of the construction and the meaning of the earth.

The Moon  Important work on the spiritual and physical aspects of the moon.

The Natural Sun  More than the works of scholarly astronomy, this book reveals to us the creations of the solar system. The main thing, however, is that this study of the sun and the stars leads us to God and to life out of God.



The Grossglockner A gospel of the mountains which puts the natural-spiritual events, which are still completely unknown to our science, and the so often misinterpreted meteorological phenomena in the high mountains, as well as their overall geophysical function, and the nature and rule of the nature spirits in the mountain realm, in the center of contemplation and instruction. In the end the reader is lead to the recognition of the mountains as places of divine revelation and as mirrors of our own inner being.

The Fly A short but astonishing presentation of the multiple material and spiritual benefits offered to the whole earthly creation by this small animal, without which the evolution of life would not have been possible. Also presented here is immensely insightful spiritual information about the essence of ether, light, electricity and the origin of comets.

The Healing Power of Sunlight Recorded methods by which we can heal our soul which in turn heals our body. The Healing Power of Sunlight shows us the path to achieve eternal health in the physical world and in the after-life.

The Lord’s Book of Life and Health Compilation of advice given by Jesus Himself for the healing or preventive care of our body and soul. These teachings are spiritually based and naturally simple, stripped of all extremes or external formalities. (PDF not available)



Gifts from Heaven (3 volumes) Various individual remarks by the Lord on many important questions. Vol. 1Vol. 2Vol. 3

The Apostle Paul’s Letter to the Church in Laodicea  Reproduction of Paul’s original letter to the church in Laodicea.

Explanation of Scriptures  Illuminating, revealing explanation of important Bible passages.