New Revelation Essays


Thanks to the generosity of fellow New Revelation followers we are pleased to be able to provide a collection of thematic essays based upon the teachings found in the New Revelation. These essays contain a myriad of topics such as observations and comparisons of the Bible with the New Revelation, the second coming of Jesus, prophecies relating to our current times, as well as the structure of the universe and the foundation of matter.


Whether you have recently discovered the New Revelation teachings, or are intimately familiar with all the texts, you will find an abundance of information within these New Revelation essays that will help illuminate, clarify, and answer many questions. As time goes on, we anticipate adding to the collection of topics which are discussed offering an ever expanding library for the curious, as well as the serious student of the New Revelation. 


Here you may find pages featuring essays composed by Simona Panaitescu, and Albert Hoffmann.