Simona Panaitescu


The following essays have been assembled by Simona Panaitescu and are made available with her kind permission. 


Some of the web links within the PDFs, may not work as a few of the New Revelation websites referred to are no longer in existence. As with much of the New Revelation books, which were originally written in German and later translated into English, you may find the English text in need of editing. Most of the translating has been done by volunteers (not all were fluent in both German and English) and your understanding and patience is appreciated as you read the essays.


There are 11 volumes of the Great Gospel of John (GGJ), however the volume and chapter number references given within the essays on this page refer to the volumes as 1 thru 25. In this instance, the 11 original books were split up into 25 volumes. You may find these volumes 1-25 for your reference here:


A Gospel about humility

A Gospel of the infinite creation

A proof that the New Revelation comes from God

About Angels

About Body, Soul and Spirit

About children of the world and children of God

About God, Trinity and the Son of God

About great mysteries of the natural world

About health and sickness

About institutionalized religion and God’s Will

About intellect, conscience and free-will

About language, art and music

About life after death, heaven and hell

About life and love

About matter and spirit, creation and evolution

About Satan and Demons

About signs and miracles from God

About sins, misery and temptations

About the birth of the Lord

About the cosmic creation

About the Free-Masonry origin

About the Lords death and resurrection

About the love of God and the wrath of God

About the New Revelation of Jesus Christ – Jakob Lorber and Gottfried Mayerhofer

About the purpose of life

About the second coming of Jesus Christ

About true and false prophets

About truth and seeking for God

Bible+NR Study – Biblical arguments -Universal Salvation

Bible+Nr Study – Issue of the sinful matter-flesh and the Lords incarnation

Bible+Nr-Study – Symbolic images of the Bible explained in the NR

Bible+NR-Study – The strong connection between the bible and NR

Biblical Arguments against the Sola Scriptura Doctrine

Christianity unveiled – explanations concerning the New Testament

Christianity unveiled – explanations concerning the Old Testament

Dignity and Destiny of Man

Discerning between true and false teachings

Disclosures about Hell

Divine advice concerning children, youth and family

Divine advice concerning the right social order

Divine answers to faith-related issues

Essay – Science confirms New Revelation predictions -decades later

Examples of  predictions and prophecies from the New Revelation

Faith trust and confidence in God

Healing’s performed by the Lord

Jesus in the New Revelation

Mathael’s clairvoyant experiences concerning dying and life after death

Messages for animal lovers

Messages for couples

Messages for skeptics and atheists

Messages for the followers of the Lord

Messages for the ones lost in the flesh

Messages for the people of good will

Messages for the poor and suffering ones

Messages for the rich and powerful

Neighborly love – do not repay evil with evil!

New Revelation’s Compatibility with paranormal records

NrStudy -Revelations concerning the events preceding the second coming of the Lord

NrStudy -The ethic of the New Revelation

Questions for God and answers from the New Revelation

Reasons for the right judgment and for the salvation of all human souls

Redemption as explained by Swedenborg and Lorber

Resurrections Performed by the Lord

Story of Mathael’s conversion

Story of Philopold’s conversion

Story of Zorel’s conversion

Swedenborg and Lorber – the relationship between two revelations

The creation of Lucifer and the Spirits and their fall

The knowledge of self and the knowledge of God

The Lord as a poor man – his revelations and his promises

The Lord’s sermon concerning John the Apostle’s testimony -John 1-1-27

The Lord’s Sermon concerning John the Baptist’s Inquiry -Matt-11-2-6-27-30

The way to eternal life

Three fundamental questions of life and their answers

What can be found in the New Revelation

Who is my neighbor – neighborly love